I am Evaldas Mikelevičius

Enthusiast of Future and Technology / Architect / Artist

I am an Architect

I am an architect and a partner at A2X2 ARCHITECTS studio.
On the website a2x2.lt is my and my teams architectural works

I am Creative

I love to create

Here is my other (besides architecture) creative activity: 
Live Photos
Texture shots on Instagram

360 Art on Instagram

I am Innovative

Explore useful Apps on my App Garage
Read TechnologyScience and Universe news, that is interesting me 
(LT) Skaityk mane dominančias TechnologijųMokslo ir Visatos naujienas bei kitą informaciją 

I am Sustainable

Follow Sustainability news and other information that is interesting to me 
(LT) Sekite mane dominančias Tvarumo naujienas ir kitą informaciją

I am Curious

Magazines on Flipboard
Read news and other information on various topics, that is interesting to me